Outrage over Jimmy Savile float

Leeds' Jimmy Savile continues to cause controversy after the organisers of Lauder's Common Riding in the Scottish Borders came under fire for allowing an "offensive and insensitive" Jimmy Savile-themed float to enter the fancy dress parade.

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Abuse support charity say Savile float "crass"

A charity which supports people abused in childhood say they have already had a number of calls from "distressed" victims of abuse.

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood said the float featuring people in Jimmy Savile costumes at a festival in the Borders was "crass".

"We've already had calls to the NAPAC support line from people who are distressed by this because every time people do stupid things like this and glorify these crimes, it will glorify abuse - not just Savile victims who will understandably be upset, but other victims of childhood abuse."

– Peter Saunders, NAPAC

A link to the charity can be found here

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