Council cash used to cut flood risk

Calderdale Council has commissioned a study to investigate solutions to the flooding that took place at Kershaw Road and Clough Road in Walsden this summer. Kershaw Road was destroyed in last month’s flood and Council teams spent two weeks helping residents and businesses with the clean up.

“Although Clough Road isn’t an adopted highway, we have cleared away uplifted tarmac and brought in stone to give temporary access from the railway along Clough Road to Kershaw Road. The study to investigate solutions will determine the extent of future works required. A recommendation will be put to the Council’s Cabinet as soon as the facts are established."

– Cllr Barry Collins, Calderdale Council

“It’s really important that residents and businesses know what to do to prepare for future flooding and what to do after a flood. The Council and the Environment Agency have useful information, advice and guidance on their websites.”