Beagle farm plan demo

Campaigners against plans to expand a beagle breeding farm near Hull have been demonstrating at Queen Victoria Square in the city centre

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Animal welfare protestors demonstrate over Beagle breeding plans

Animal welfare protestors gathered in Hull today to demonstrate against plans to breed up to two thousand beagles a year in nearby Grimston.

They are also challenging the company responsible, B&K Universal, to a scientific debate about animal testing. Meanwhile, outside B&K's gates, villagers gathered to express their opposition to the plans, claiming it would increase traffic and cause light pollution.

A larger scale proposal was rejected two years ago.

In response, the company said it does take part in scientific debate, including one last week at Hull University where a motion that all animal testing should be banned was defeated. And the firm says the current application will be decided by planning laws.

It insisted traffic and noise would be less than in the previous plan and there woud be no increase in light pollution.

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