Five Respect councillors resign

Five Respect councillors in Bradford have resigned from the party after a row over MP George Galloway running for Mayor of London

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Councillors: "No choice" over resignation

Five Bradford Respect councillors who have resigned over comments made by MP George Galloway about the London Mayorship in 2016 have released a statement about their resignation:

...discussions have failed to find common ground as senior Respect officials have shown a disregard to address our legitimate grievances and we have been unable to resolve our issues of difference. After much deliberation this has left our group no choice but to fully resign from the Respect party with immediate effect...This decision has not been made lightly and we are saddened that certain ‘gatekeepers’ involved in Bradford Respect appear to have no interest in transparency, accountability and equity...

...I want to assert that as a group we entered into local politics with a view to stand up for Bradfordians and therefore we believe we have acted in the best interest of Bradford. Needless to say we will remain committed to the electorate and will continue to advocate for the citizens of Bradford and work hard for the interests of our constituents and we will continue to represent them in Council on the issues that affect them in the district.

– Councillor Alyas Karmani

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