Most New Year's resolutions break today

New research shows that more than half** of all New Year's resolutions will be broken by today.**

St John Ambulance found that of 3.7 million people in Yorkshire and the Humber who make a resolution, 60% of them will have broken it within four weeks

Poor weather and the post-Christmas blues are being blamed for the difficulties in keeping promises. Realistic goals and undertaking resolutions with friends can prove for more successful efforts.

St John Ambulance are hoping to raise awareness of the early signs of a heart attack, encouraging people to learn them and potentially save lives.

A third of the 92,000 Britons who suffer a heart attack every year die and the charity are hoping that people might make a resolution to learn how to spot and react to the early symptoms which could be the difference between the patient surviving or not.

For more information, visit the St John Ambulance website.