Holocaust commemoration service

Remembering those who suffered in the Holocaust Credit: Calendar news

There will be commemoration services in the region today, ahead of Holocaust Memorial day tomorrow, to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

In Leeds, an event at the city's town hall will be hosted by the Lord Mayor and include speakers, live music and a performance by young people. The Lord Mayor, councillor Thomas Murray said:

"The journeys and stories detailing the experiences of those people who suffered greatly during the Holocaust should never be forgotten, and events such as these are a chance to both reflect and remember those people who were both victims and survivors."

And in York this evening, those who died in Clifford's Tower will also be remembered, with a candle-lit ceremony of prayer, the laying of stones and music.

Councillor Sonja Crisp said: "These journeys affect us all. In remembering and acknowledging the past we can each help to promote a more tolerant and inclusive society for the future and not repeat the terrible mistakes of history."