CCTV catches E-cigarette explosion

CCTV catches the moment barmaid narrowly escaped E-cigarette explosion

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Exploding E-cigarette rockets towards barmaid

CCTV has captured the moment a barmaid narrowly escaped an E-cigarette explosion.

The electronic cigarette exploded in a packed Richmond pub and launched itself towards barmaid Laura Baty.

It's thought the fault was because of the charger used.

A spokeswoman for the manufacturer of the battery said: "We provide clear information on websites and in electronic cigarette starter kits that explain how our batteries should be charged and cared for.

"We cannot comment on the circumstance of this particular instance or make any comment on the provenance of this battery. However, it does not appear that a dedicated electronic cigarette charger was used.

"A number of independent organisations, including the fire service, have reiterated warnings that charging lithium batteries incorrectly and failing to take necessary care of these devices can lead to catastrophic failure."

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