Onesie wearer sought by police over train station thefts

Two masked men, one wearing a onesie, have been spotted on CCTV by police investigating the theft of three monitors from Dewsbury railway station.

Man in onesie sought by police Credit: CCTV

Three monitors were stolen from the station on the 3rd, 5th and 6th October. All three thefts took place in the evening.

The screens, which are expensive and will now have to be replaced, are used to provide up to date travel information to passengers at the station and usually only operate in a commercial environment. They cannot be used as televisions but they may be able to be hooked up to a computer or a gaming station which is one possible line of enquiry we are looking into. First TransPennine Express, who manage the station, have now increased security measures on other screens at their stations to make them more difficult to steal.

We are releasing their images in that hope that, despite their faces being covered, someone may recognise their distinctive dress. One of the men is wearing a red polka dot onesie, the other appears to be wearing purple leggings and carrying a spade."

If you recognise them, have been offered one of the screens, or have any information that could help our investigation, please contact us.

– PC Marcus Robinson