Bradford Teaching Hospitals pilot new patient safety scheme

Bradford Teaching Hospitals has been named as one of 10 centres nationwide which will pilot unique projects aimed at putting patients at the heart of patient safety.

The Bradford PRASE (Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment) scheme, which has been announced as part of the Health Foundation’s £4m improvement programme, intends to advance the wellbeing of patients by using hospital volunteers to record real-time patient feedback about how safe their care is.

Dr Robin Jeffrey the project leader Credit: Bradford Teaching Hospitals

“PRASE focuses on a crucial patient safety innovation: involving patients in identifying gaps in hospital safety.

“After all, patients are in a unique position to give instant and detailed insight into the quality and safety of the care they receive and the ward environment during these face-to-face interviews with our hospital volunteers.

“Crucially this feedback will provide our hospitals with the opportunity to continually learn from the patient’s perspective and make real improvements to care and the environment.

The questionnaires will collect the patient’s insight on important factors such as staff communication, equipment availability, organisation and care planning – subjects known to be implicated when adverse events occur.

“Patients will also be able to provide concrete examples of any concerns they have had about their safety, or the safety of others, while on the ward.

“They may also be in a position to feedback on other issues that could pre-empt adverse patient safety incidents and advance local safety improvement initiatives.”

– Dr Robin Jeffrey

PRASE data has already been collected by research nurses as part of an earlier research project. In this latest project, the hospital team will harness volunteers to promote the wider implementation of PRASE which will be rolled out across the Bradford Royal Infirmary, St Luke’s Hospital and the district’s community hospitals.

It will also be trialled at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Staff from the Bradford Institute for Health Research which is based at Bradford Royal Infirmary will evaluate the project.