Hull City owner donates funds for robotic surgery equipment

Hull City owner, Dr Assem Allam has donated £1.4 million to bring patient treatment in Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust into the robotic age.

Dr Allam has made the £1.4 million donation Credit: Press Association

Allam and his family have pledged the funds to buy surgical equipment that will make it possible for surgeons to perform complex operations through tiny incisions with a robot nicknamed, The 'Da Vinci'.

The robot replicates the range of movements of a surgeon’s hand, but unlike open surgery, the robot does this through tiny holes, reducing the pain and blood loss caused by open surgery.

The new equipment is planned to be brought into use in the summer of 2015 once the system and supporting equipment has been installed and the clinical team has completed the necessary training.

Dr Allam said:

I was most surprised to learn that the population of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire did not have local access to Robotic Surgery. There are currently more than 40 units installed in Britain, with the majority being mainly in London and the South East of England, but none in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I am always striving for the East Riding to be the best and to support developments that will benefit the local community.

– Dr Assem Allam