Tories to unveil first election poster in Yorkshire

David Cameron will kick-start the general election year by promoting the Tories' first campaign poster during a visit to Yorkshire.

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David Cameron launches Tory campaign for 'the most important election for a generation'

David Cameron kick-started the run-up to what he called "the most important election for a generation" as he launched the Tories' first campaign poster.

David Cameron launches Tory campaign for 'the most important election for a generation' Credit: Press Association

The Prime Minister stood in front of the image of an empty, straight road stretching out through lush green countryside as he delivered a speech to Conservatives in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The poster - with the slogan Let's Stay on the Road to a Stronger Economy - will appear on billboards up and down the country

Listing the Government's achievements, it states "1.75 million more people in work", "760,000 more businesses" and "the deficit halved".

Mr Cameron has previously been criticised for making the final claim, as the deficit has only been reduced by half if it is measured as a percentage of GDP.

In cash terms the gap between the Government's income and outgoings has gone down by around a third.

The Prime Minister said: "I'm here today to launch this great poster and to mark the start of an election year.

"It is an absolutely vital election for our country and I think the most important election in a generation."

Mr Cameron listed his Government's achievements over the last five years and said: "What is absolutely crucial is to win this forthcoming election because it is so important that we stay on the road to a stronger economy.

"Stay on the road to more jobs, stay on the road to lower taxes, stay on the road to more apprenticeships, stay on the road to stronger schools and stay on the road to security and dignity in old age."

He said the alternatives to the Conservatives' plans would be "disastrous" and said he would eradicate the deficit in the next parliament.

The Prime Minister made his speech at the Dean Clough business complex after touring the insurance firm Covea, talking to managers and apprentices about the company.

In his New Year missive yesterday, Mr Cameron warned that Britain faced "chaos" if it changed economic course. Supporting Labour would send the country spiralling backwards and jeopardise the recovery, the Prime Minister suggested.

In the video, he told voters the country's resolution for 2015 should be to "stick to the plan" to ensure future prosperity.

As well as Mr Cameron's visit to Labour-held marginal Halifax, Chancellor George Osborne signalled the Tories' intentions to oust coalition Cabinet minister Vince Cable.

On a visit to the Lib Dem Business Secretary's Twickenham constituency in west London he toured life sciences firm LGC at the suggestion of Tory candidate Tania Mathias.

Writing on Twitter the Chancellor said Twickenham's voters could "have best of both worlds" with a strong Tory MP and Mr Cameron in No 10.

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