Students in Sheffield hold anti-extremism events

Muslim students at the University of Sheffield are hosting a series of events aimed at tackling extremism following attacks in Copenhagen and Paris.

Abdul Ghalib addressing students in Sheffield

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at the university will host guest speakers in a series entitled "Islam and Caliphate".

It is the ninth event to be held in a UK university and speakers will address audiences to tackle the extremist ideology promulgated by IS and other extremist groups, saying that they have no root in Islam.

By spreading this message of peace and tolerance, AMSA and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at large, hope to stem the tide of radicalisation in the UK and change the negative impression of Islam so prevalent today. In particular they hope to remove the current stigma and misconception surrounding the concept of Caliphate. As adherents to the world's oldest and largest Caliphate, Ahmadi Muslims have felt a particular responsibility to bring to light the true nature of this institution which has been so misguidedly portrayed by IS.

– Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association

The events were inspired by His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, 5th Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community who has repeatedly called for more to be done to tackle rising extremism both in the UK and abroad. His aim is to promote events which educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about the peaceful teachings in Islam.