York marks reburial of King Richard III

Events are being held across York today to mark the reburial of Richard the Third.

The last King of the House of York is being re-interned in Leicester Cathedral after his remains were found during an archaeological dig.

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York campaigners blast Richard III 'pantomime'

Campaigners who petitioned for Richard III to be reburied in York have described the king's final journey as a "pantomime".

York campaigners blast Richard III 'pantomime' Credit: Press Association

A number of people posted messages on a Facebook page about the ceremonies taking place in Leicester today.

The decision to re-inter the monarch in Leicester was challenged by a group of the king's distant relatives who argued that York Minster was a more fitting final resting place.

A petition to the Government received more than 31,000 signatures.

But the High Court ruled that the remains of the last Plantagenet king should be laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral.

Today, as Richard's remains were carried in a cortege through Leicestershire, protesters on the "Petition to bring Richard III back to Yorkshire" Facebook page said they were "incensed".

The more I see of the undignified, money-grabbing pantomime surrounding King Richard III in Leicester this weekend, the more incensed I become. The last Plantagenet king of England being treated as you would a sporting trophy, paraded through the streets, and, even worse, mirroring his last terrible journey after he was murdered at the Battle of Bosworth. I had thought I was past being shocked by anything Leicester did with regards Richard III but this travesty takes the biscuit.

– Louise Hollingsworth

So, after all these centuries, King Richard must still endure injustice by being reburied in the wrong cathedral, something that looks like descending into a cheap jamboree ... instead of the full state funeral befitting a great man and king. In his lifetime he suffered the treachery of lesser mortals. He suffered the same treachery on the day of the Battle of Bosworth and has had to suffer the false accusation of murder for all this time. Now, sadly, the powers-that-be still cannot give him a modicum of justice by returning him to his rightful cathedral of York with the full pomp of state.

– Garry Booker

Services will be held in York on Thursday to commemorate Richard III's re-interment at Leicester Cathedral.

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