Election 2015: Expert analysis with Dr. Kate Dommett

Dr. Kate Dommett is a lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics at the University of Sheffield. She is an advocate of political engagement and will be providing expert analysis as results are declared at counts across our region.

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  1. Dr. Kate Dommett

You're waking up to a 'seismic political change'

It's been a long night and the political landscape has undergone seismic change. Kicking off with an exit poll that shocked political commentators and politicians alike the night has delivered an array of surprises.

  1. High Profile Causalities Labour and the Lib Dems have lost high profile MPs - Vince Cable, Jim Murphy, Simon Hughes and potentially even Ed Balls have lost their seats. This poses real problems for both parties as they seek to rebuild in the aftermath of the election result.

  2. The Lib Dems have been hit hard... The party have lost far more seats than was predicted before the exit poll. Currently only having returned 6 MPs the party will be lucky to enter into double figures - seeing a huge fall from the 57 MPs they gained in 2010

  3. ...But Nick Clegg hangs on Nick Clegg managed to hold onto Sheffield Hallam by a slim margin, but has hinted that he is likely to step down as party leader.

  4. The rise of the SNP The SNP has had a huge breakthrough. The Party have toppled Danny Alexander, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy and taken Gordon Brown's old seat to secure an unprecedented number of seats in Westminster

  5. The Failure of UKIP Despite polling a significant proportion of the vote UKIP failed to gain MPs. Nigel Farage lost out in South Thanet and Mark Reckless lost Rochester - leaving only Douglas Carswell as a UKIP MP.

  6. The Tory Majority And finally, it seems that the Tories may gain majority. On current projections it seems that the party will gain more than the 323 seats they need for a majority - providing them with a new mandate for government.

So it's been quite a night that has reshaped British politics and reset political debate for the coming days, weeks and years.

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