Controversial Jimmy Savile play set to open

The writer of play about shamed broadcaster, Jimmy Savile, which is set to open tonight in London has come under fire.

A controversial play is set to open about Jimmy Savile Credit: Press Association

Written by Jonathan Maitland and starring Alistair McGowan, 'An Audience with Jimmy Savile' is set in 1991, recently after he received his knighthood, and claims to explore the scandal behind the broadcaster's public persona:

It's 1991 and a TV show celebrates the recently knighted 'Most Trusted Man In Britain'. But while the great and the good praise him, a different story unfolds elsewhere as one woman embarks on an extraordinary quest to be believed.

How one man used fame, intimidation and manipulation to fool the very institutions we trust and how one brave woman fought back. Drawing extensively on material from genuine interviews, transcripts and TV shows, this is the first play to explore the most shocking sex scandal of our time: how Sir Jimmy Savile "groomed the nation".

– 'An Audience with Jimmy Savile'

The play has come in for criticism for being "too soon" while inquiries into the prolific paedophile are still being held.

Maitland received abuse on Twitter after announcing that he would be staging the story of the paedophile and late TV presenter's public and private life.

The play has come in for criticism for being Credit: Promotional image

It's an incredibly important story ... it's one of the most important stories of the last 30 years. I've spoken to about half a dozen victims of Savile. The victims are incredibly supportive. Everyone's presuming to speak for them, saying it's exploitative and they haven't seen it yet. The victims are saying ... 'we want to be heard'.

– Jonathan Maitland

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