Yorkshire students most likely to cheat in exams, research reveals

Students in Yorkshire are most likely to cheat in exams, new research has revealed.

Credit: Press Association

In a survey by The Student Room, students in Yorkshire had the worst results for exam honesty with 50% admitting to having ever cheated.

Nationally, one student in 10 has admitted to cheating in the current round of exams.

Wales came out on top for exam honesty, with 19% admitting to cheating.

Cheating is seen as a big area of concern by a lot of students, and this can only add to the exam stress they experience, which we know from our own research is on the increase. The Student Room goes to great lengths to work with exam boards to inform students of the risks and consequences of breaking examination rules. However, we would like to see a wide review of the most effective ways of reducing the practice.

– Jack Wallington, The Student Room