Crowd trouble at Leeds United friendly in Austria

Police have made 25 arrests after violence flared between Leeds United and German football fans at the end of a pre season friendly match in Austria.

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Salzburg police statement: Police use pepper spray to end brawl which injured three Leeds United fans and two police officers

Police in Salzburg say 25 people have been arrested after violence at a friendly game last night.

Fans, some wearing balaclavas, clash after Leeds Utd friendly

A statement says problems began when Frankfurt fans refused to pay bus fare and then stormed security at stadium.

Key points from the Salzburg police statement are below:

  • Three Leeds fans and two police officers were injured during the fight with Frankfurt fans, in which 17 Frankfurt fans were arrested. In total, police made 25 arrests in relation to events at the game. Around 1,100 fans were present at the match.
  • Problems began before the game in the city of Salzburg, when a public bus was was blocked because around 50 Frankfurt fans refused to pay the fare to Eugendorf.
  • When these Frankfurt fans arrived on foot at the stadium, they stormed the entry controls and became violent towards the security personnel. Officers intervened immediately and four fans, who had initiated the fighting, were arrested. Two security officers were injured.
  • A short time later a Leeds fan was arrested after throwing a seat at security. Frankfurt fans tried to retaliate, but were prevented by the rapid action taken by the police. Flares were fired several times during the game - it is not known which fans were involved with this.
  • Leeds fans went onto the field at the end of the game and moved towards the area of the Frankfurt fans. The situation escalated quickly and there was an attack on the Leeds fans. Officers were immediately able to end this.
  • Outside the stadium Leeds fans were again attacked by the Frankfurt fans. The fight moved to the centre of Eugendorf, where police had to use pepper spray to end the brawl.

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