Jeremy Corbyn announces new shadow cabinet

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed new members of his shadow cabinet.

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Caroline Flint to return to the backbenches

Caroline Flint MP Credit: PA

The Don Valley MP Caroline Flint has announced she is returning to the backbenches - where she says she can best support the Labour Party and the leadership.

Ms Flint, who had campaigned to be deputy leader, said she had waited to announce her decision until after key Shadow Cabinet appointments had been made public, as a courtesy to Jeremy Corbyn and his new team.

Returning to the backbenches will also allow me to spend more time helping Labour reach out to those voters who turned away from us, but who share many of our values. After months of talking to Labour members and supporters, we now have to begin a wider conversation with the British public. I hope this work will be helpful to Jeremy, the Shadow Cabinet and the Labour Party as we rebuild over the next five years. I remain loyal to the Labour Party and will do everything I can to help us win the next General Election in 2020. My first and foremost concern has always been serving my constituents in Don Valley, to which I will continue to devote the same energy as I have for the last 18 years.

– Caroline Flint MP

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