Lincoln County Council's ''serious concerns'' over Triton Knoll

Lincolnshire County Council has responded to the public inquiry into the Triton Knoll wind farm - raising concerns about its impact on the environment.

It argues the developments would have adverse consequences on the coastal landscape and the local tourism economy.

These latest concerns follows the council's issues with developer RWE's approach to local consultation.

Cllr Colin Davie, Executive Member for Environment and Planning, said: "We've had serious concerns throughout the planning process.

"Each of these projects is likely to have significant impact on the local landscape and the local tourism industry. Combined, the consequences could be disastrous for the community.

"In addition, there seems to be no co-ordination between the two, meaning even greater disruption for residents.

"It's ridiculous to have one developer go in and dig everything up, only to have a second do it all again a few months later.

"The situation is made even more frustrating given that the developer has failed to justify the choices they have made in putting together their plans.

"However, if the worst comes to the worst and both projects do get the green-light, we would ask that considerable pressure is put on both developers to work together to save time, money and public anger.''

Developers RWE say on their website that Triton Knoll ''represents a multi-billion pound investment in clean green UK energy infrastructure'', and that it has held ''seven public exhibitions; two questionnaire-based consultations, meetings with all directly-affected Parish Councils; and a consultation with landowners to understand land use and farming practices.