Smoking a cause of poverty for many in Calendar region

Smoking could be the reason that thousands of families in our region live in poverty, it has been claimed.

Credit: Press Association

New figures show a third of households which include an adult smoker in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire are below the poverty line.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) says quitting smoking would lift 118,000 people in the Calendar region out of poverty.On average a smoker spends £2,158 a year on tobacco.

Local authorities are working alongside the NHS to bridge the health inequalities gap by reducing smoking rates. People from disadvantaged background appear to be the most affected as they live in high smoking rates areas.

Smoking puts poorer families under significant financial pressure. This in turn places a burden on local services and negatively impacts the local economy. Our services to help people quit not only save lives but they put money back into the pockets of the poorest households in our community.

– Dr Andrew Furber, Director of Public Health for Wakefield Council