Junior doctors walk out on strike for fourth time

Thousands of junior doctors across the Calendar region have walked out as part of a national strike over contracts. They will provide emergency care only during the strike.

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Junior doctor: we want the best service for our patients

A junior doctors from Hull Royal infirmary says today's strike by junior doctors is vital to make the government realise the amount of dissatisfaction there is with the new contracts.

I think that if the government could see the amount of dissatisfaction with the new contracts, then I think we could encourage them to come back to the table to renegotiate. Our aim isn't to say we don't want a 7 day NHS because of course we do. We want the best service for our patients, but we want one which is sustainable and one that is safe.

– Dr Sarah Whitehorn

The Department for Health says that the strike is irresponsible and that patients are suffering because of it.

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