RAF typhoons cause sonic booms across Yorkshire

Two loud bangs heard across Yorkshire are being blamed on sonic booms. It was caused after RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to deal with an 'unresponsive civilian aircraft'

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Air France confirms radio communication problem caused RAF jets to be scrambled

Air France has confirmed that RAF jets were scrambled to escort one of their planes into Newcastle airport after a radio communication problem caused the flight to lose contact with ground control.

The jets broke the sound barrier as they flew to join the aircraft, causing a sonic boom which was heard across West, South and North Yorkshire.

Air France confirms that due to a radio communication problem, flight AF 1558 en route from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Newcastle and operated by CityJet had to be accompanied by two British fighter aircrafts according to the procedure. The aircraft landed normally in Newcastle at 22h20 (local time). The pilots and cabin crew are trained on a regular basis to deal with this type of incident. For Air France, the absolute priority is to maintain the safety of its clients at the highest level.

– Air France statement

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