Hearing loss affected urged to specialist smoke alarms

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is urging people affected by hearing loss to ensure that they have a specialist smoke alarm fitted.

Credit: Press Association

According to Lincolnshire charity DeafLincs, there are over 100,000 deaf or hard of hearing people in Lincolnshire, all who are at risk of being injured or even killed in a fire if they don’t have the correct smoke alarms.

The service is using Deaf Awareness Week to raise awareness of specialist smoke alarms for those with hearing loss; these flash and at night, activate vibrating pads under a pillow, as well as sounding an alarm to alert other members of the family.

"Most fires in the home happen during the night, so it’s all too easy for people who suffer from hearing loss to sleep through a normal smoke alarm, especially given that most people take their hearing aids out at night.

“Therefore, it is vital that people who are affected ensure they have the right smoke alarm technology in their home to protect them and that they test them regularly, to make sure they work. A specialist alarm system provides valuable time to escape from a house fire. Without it, lives could be lost.

"We may be able to offer these specialist alarms for free, so we're encouraging people to get in touch with us to see if they qualify for a free home safety check."

– Shona Wright, community fire safety manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue