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Head of LNT Group: Government needs to enforce a very strong divorce from the EU

The multi-millionaire head of the LNT Group which owns supercar manufacturer Ginetta said he was surprised the results of most of the polls predicted a victory for the remain campaign. Lawrence Tomlinson says the decision to leave will be good for business both big and small.

I think we have got a Government now with a clear mandate that needs to enforce a very strong divorce, if you want to call it, from the EU. I have many friends in Europe who I will continue to trade with, and it is important that we stay friends with people in Europe, but we must not end up with a poor deal, we must remain firm because remember, they need us, just as much, if not more, than we need them. There's a difference between what's actually happening and the reality of real businesses and gambling, so we have seen big swings in the currency. It will settle down at a reasonable number. It seems it is doing that already, after the hysteria of this morning, but other than that I think it will be business as normal next week.

– Lawrence Smith

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