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Lincoln MP: the people have spoken - we all need to work together

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney says that now the UK has voted to leave the EU, people need to work together "to embrace the majority decision."

Today, despite the disappointing news regarding our Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron's decision, I see a great long term future for all of us in our great Country, no matter whether you were Leave or Remain.

I am pleased that David Cameron will stay as Prime Minister until the early autumn as he will offer a steadying hand and provide the reassurance and stability our Country needs at this moment.

Ultimately, those of us who stood up for British values and our sovereignty can feel comfort that, despite whatever was thrown at us, we stood firm.

Now the decision has been made and the people have spoken, we need to all work together, maintaining calm efficiency and embracing the people's majority decision to leave the EU. That is what we in a British democracy do.

– Karl McCartney MP

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