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Local Government Association: with greater control we can improve services and save money

The Local Government Association (LGA) says councils and local authorities will play a key part in bringing communities together following the vote for the UK to leave the EU. It is calling for councils in England to play a key part in decision making over how to replace EU laws as part of the UK's exit negotiations.

EU laws and regulations currently have a big impact on council services including:

  • waste
  • employment
  • health and safety
  • consumer protection
  • trading
  • environmental standards

There cannot be an assumption that power over these services is simply transferred from Brussels to Westminster. If services are delivered locally, then the power over how to run them should rest locally too. Decades of centralised control over funding and services has distanced our residents from the decisions that affect their everyday lives. With greater control in our areas we can improve services and save money.

Communities in England have been allocated £5.3 billion of EU regeneration funding up to 2020. It is important for the Government to guarantee it will protect this vital funding to avoid essential growth-boosting projects stalling and local economies across England being stifled.

– Local Government Association

The LGA added it will continue to represent the interests of English councils in Brussels as the UK negotiates its exit from the EU.

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