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Taxman prepares to issue winding-up petition against Port Vale FC

Fears grow for Port Vale Photo: Port Vale FC

An HM Revenue & Customs spokesman said:

“Ensuring tax is paid on time should be at the centre of football’s business strategy just as it should be for any other enterprise. Any business that regards paying tax as an optional extra after other expenses are met, or that uses tax collected from employees or customers as working capital, is potentially heading for trouble.”

If the debt does not get paid, a judge in the High Court could put Port Vale out of business.

In that case, the club’s assets would have to be sold off to pay Stoke-on-Trent City Council back.

Leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Mohammed Pervez said:

"We are very concerned with the recent developments at Port Vale Football Club. Our objectives have always been to protect the public purse and safeguard football at Vale Park.

The council is aware of the pressure on the club from fans, players and other stakeholders but it is important that we collectively gather and consider all the relevant facts in order to understand the options for both the tax payer and the club."

According to reports, Port Vale’s directors went to the city council yesterday seeking a figure “well in excess” of £300,000 to keep the club afloat.

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