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Coach Crash Survivor

Freya Smith-Carrington Photo: ITV News

Freya Smith-Carrington was seriously injured in the coach crash. She spent more than a week in hospital in France. She had to have surgery on her broken leg, before she able to fly home with her family.

Her injuries are slowly improving, but she still has memories of that night.

Freya said: "It felt like a washing machine. People shouting all sorts of things.

"It is quite difficult because I remember it and people don't."

Freya's rescue Credit: ITV News

Freya was able to attend Mr Rippington 's funeral today. Her family said the whole community and the school have come together, to give each other support.

Her mother Toni said:"The school have been exceptional. Mrs Jordan put such support and Freya's been getting texts."

She added:"They've just been brilliant and really helpful."

Today is Freya's 12th birthday. She has months of physiotherapy ahead of her. But as a family, they're taking one day at a time.

Freya attending Peter Rippington's funeral Credit: ITV News

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