Stranded dancer back home

Rebecca Thomas Credit: ITV Central

A dancer has spent her first night back home after being stranded on a cruise ship for three days.

Rebecca Thomas, from Sutton Coldfield, was working on-board the Costa Allegra when a fire broke out on Monday.

It took an hour to put out the blaze but left the ship without any power.

She said, “We originally thought we would have to abandon ship and then we were told we had no power. We had no idea how long we would be stranded for.”

The passengers and crew were forced to sleep on board and live off sandwiches, which were delivered by helicopter.

As the vessel drifted in the middle of the Indian Ocean there was concern the ship would be targeted by pirates but extra security measures were put in place.

The dancer said: “A few hours after the tug boat came we had navy ships all around us so we knew that we were safe and nothing could harm us.”

The ship was towed to the Seychelles and reached dry land on Thursday morning. The dancer took an overnight flight to Paris before arriving at Birmingham Airport yesterday morning. Her family were there to greet her as well as her brother James, who had been on board the Costa Concordia when it capsized in January.

He said: “She’s gone through a bad situation and come out great from it. I can understand how she feels having been through what I went through.”

For her first night back at home Rebecca was treated to home-cooked food, something she’d been craving while out at sea.

Her mum Jayne said: “It is just absolutely fabulous to have her safe and home and we are going to enjoy a few days together. I know she wants to get back on the ship when it has been repaired but I will make the most of the time I have got with her.”