Anger over graves attack

Frank Thornton-Bassett, RAF Veteran buried in Libya Credit: ITV Central

RAF Flight Lieutenant Frank Thornton-Bassett is among the veterans buried in the cemeteries that have been targeted by a mob.

His daughter, Pamela, who is 79, lives at Halesowen in the Black Country.

She has given an interview to ITV Central and says: "It's very sad. It's a difficult thing because I feel very close to the people of Libya. And we have not had experience of this in our recent history in England. I feel it is a very sad situation altogether. And really desecrating a grave of people who were fighting on behalf of Libya all those years ago - it achieves nothing."

Miss Thornton-Bassett’s father died in a plane crash in Libya and she still has the telegram sent to her mother notifying her of the death in 1943.

She says she last saw him at Cheltenham railway station.

“And I can remember him standing on the platform with my mother, obviously the two of us together, and I can remember him giving us big hugs."

The Libyan authorities have pledged to find the culprits, describing the attack as “shameful”.