Creator of the Adrian Mole books Sue Townsend will visit Mansfield today to raise awareness of how blind people can enjoy books.

The author who's originally from Leicester was registered blind in 2001.

She's touring libraries in the East Midlands to help show how they're helping those with visual impairments.

Today she'll be visiting the library in West Gate, Mansfield.

It's the latest high profile visit announced for the council-managed library, which re-opened this January following a £3.4m refurbishment.

Ursula Ackrill, Team Librarian, for Libraries, Archives and Information Service, at Nottinghamshire County Council, said:

"This visit highlights the importance of Mansfield's Visually Impaired Reading Group. There are audio books and large print books for each member and people find the experience worthwhile for meeting up and reading interesting books. Sue is an inspiration to many people."

Sue Townsend's visit will also highlight how public libraries are adopting six steps in a UK-wide effort to improve access for blind and partially sighted people - which Nottinghamshire County Council has signed up to.

Six Steps to Library Services for Blind and Partially Sighted People**

  • Assess the reading needs of blind and partially sighted people and facilitate access to public libraries and other relevant services

  • Use Reading Sight (, the free website for library staff supporting blind and partially sighted people to access reading and reading services

  • Provide local collections of large print and audio books

  • Have a strategy in place for provision of access technology throughout your library service

  • Designate a "champion" for the reading needs of blind and partially sighted people

  • Participate in Make a Noise in Libraries Fortnight)%20run%20annually%20by%20the%20Royal%20National%20Institute%20of%20Blind%20People%20(RNIB)