A man has been arrested after a 28 hour siege in which a woman in her eighties was held hostage.

Police have confirmed the man that they've arrested is the woman's son.

He's being questioned on suspicion of false imprisonment and making threats to kill.

Police escorted him from the house just after 11 o'clock this morning.

Officers were first called to the property after concerns were raised for the elderly woman's welfare shortly after 7.00am on Sunday..

When they arrived they found a man inside armed with a knife.

Specialist negotatiators worked through the night to end the stand-off.

Speaking to the press after the incident, Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe confirmed the man arrested was the 79-year-old woman's son.

"I can confirm this was a domestic incident, it was a mother and son. Mum, the elderly lady has been taken off to hospital - no significant injuries to mum at all she's just being checked out... I'd like to thank the community and the residents for their patients and we're now going to carry out an investigation and we're going to get back to you later in the day when we've got more detail."

Forensic officers are now inside the house carry out a detailed investigation.

The full report by Katy Fawcett.