A father had to break down a door to help his partner give birth on the bathroom floor.

Brent Farrell and his partner Amy Cray were preparing to leave their home in Nottingham and head for the hospital after Amy’s waters broke.

Unfortunately Amy had accidently locked the door to the bathroom, leaving Brent stuck outside. With no time to waste Brent broke the lock and burst to find Amy lying on the floor in the middle of giving birth.

Brent broke the bathroom door down Credit: ITV Central

Despite the pressure of the situation Brent kept a cool head and decided to deliver the baby himself. Less than 30 minutes later Sebastian was born.

A short while later ambulance staff arrived, and clamped the umbilical chord before allowing Mr Farrell to cut it himself.

After being taken to hospital for checks Amy and Sebastian were given the all-clear and allowed to return home for Easter.

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