Midlands doctor visits India to treat thousands

People waiting for treatment in Phillur, India Credit: Slumdoctor

As part of the charity Slumdoctor, Dr Victor Sagoo from Solihull travelled to India to provide healthcare to those too poor to afford it.

Based at a school in the village of Phillur in the Punjab state of India the team of 10 doctors saw and treated over 8,000 patients over three days - working 12 hours a day to meet demand.

During that time they arranged for 300 eye operations, 300 hearing aids were fitted, and 50 more serious surgical operations were organised.

Some of those who visited the camp had travelled up to 100km on foot desperate to seek free medical treatment.

Boy receiving treatment from Dr Victor Sagoo Credit: Slumdoctor

Dr Sagoo says he was incredibly humbled by the love and respect from the people he helped treat, and the experience has made him grateful for the healthcare we have here in the UK.

"I remember seeing a very sick little boy who was malnourished and underweight with a rare blood disorder that had taken the lives of his 2 elder siblings. His younger sister was also afflicted with the same condition but their parents could not afford for treatment. We have now managed to secure hospital admission for both these siblings and hope they have a chance of survival."