Customers to get their first taste of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi, credit card sized sell-out Credit: ITV News

The first shipment of a new type of computer aimed at renewing children’s interest in technology has arrived at Corby based electronics firm RS Components.

The Raspberry Pi is deliberately basic to encourage youngsters to take up computer programming.

It was developed by a group of Cambridge entrepreneurs who first came up with the idea six years ago.

It is hoped it will fuel interest and encourage a new generation of engineers in much the same way the Sinclair ZX81 or BBC Micro did when personal computers first went on sale in the 1980s.

The device is the size of a credit card and is sold only as a printed circuit board to enable buyers to see the components. They can either use it like that or put it in the casing of their choice.

Both the designers and distributors have been overwhelmed by the demand for the Raspberry Pi, much of it from schools and colleges. RS Components is now looking at ways to increase the production capacity.

Initially the computer will be dispatched to those who have pre ordered but general sales will follow.