Council forced to rethink plans to close youth clubs

Youth club services to close if plans go ahead Credit: ITV News

Derbyshire County Council is being forced to rethink its plans to close 29 youth clubs after 14,000 people signed a petition in protest.

The law says that local authorities have to reconsider plans if a petition is signed by a certain number of people – the county council's limit is set at 7,500.

A debate will now be held to discuss the proposals.

If the centres do close, 150 youth workers could be made redundant.

The Conservative-led council wants to commission charities and other groups to do the work.

Councillor Anne Western, leader of the council's opposition Labour party says:

Ms Western is calling for a centre-by-centre review of youth work to evaluate its effectiveness and value to young people.

After Wednesday's debate, a vote will be held among councillors to decide on the authority's response to the petition.