Archery is hardly the kind of sport renowned for attracting screaming crowds, but that is exactly what faced Britain's Olympic hopefuls today.

In one of the final events before selection thousands of school children were invited to Lilleshall, the home of British Archery. Their task, to basically make as much noise as possible.

The idea was to see how the competitors would cope in an intense atmosphere. You can't replicate the pressure of the Olympics but it certainly tested the nerve of even the most experienced competitor.

Simon Terry has seen pretty much everything during his career in Archery. The 38 year old, who lives in Leicestershire, won an Olympic Bronze back in 1992 but admitted:

"It's quite difficult, especially the first few shots, I have got a clicker (which tells him when to shoot) which you can usually hear, but not today!"

Despite the heavy rain the atmosphere remained lively and especially during a head to head between two arch midlands rivals, Alison Williamson who lives in Telford and Naomi Folkard of Kidderminster.

This time it was the latter who came out on top "I have relaxed and I shot well, I'm now in the top three". When asked if she expected to make it to London 2012 the 29 year old simply replied "yes I do".

Like all her team mates she'll know for sure on Monday when Team GB is announced.