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Protesters refuse to take town camp

Protester refuse to leave their camp Photo: ITV Central

Villagers protesting against an illegal gypsy site near Solihull say they won't take their protest camp down - even though it breaches planning regulations.

Residents in Meriden were ordered by Solihull Borough Council to move their temporary shelter by today. But villagers say nothing will come down until they have finished discussions with the council.

We asked the council to stay for another year but they have refused, however they have said they want to explore options. Until we have finished discussions with the council we won't take the camp down.

I don't want the residents to be in a situation where they are sitting in rain and gale force winds without any shelter.

– David McGrath, Residents Against Inappropriate Development

The gypsies moved on to greenbelt land two years ago and set up a camp without planning permission. Since then residents have kept a 24 hour vigil as part of their protest.

The gypsies have agreed with the council to leave by 31 March 2013 after a High Court Judge rejected their appeal to stay. But villagers say they will not leave unto the gypsies do.

Gypsies have set up an illegal camp on greenbelt land Credit: ITV Central

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