Walsall "most wanted" gallery arrests

Anthony Taylor, 22, wanted for burglary Credit: Walsall Police

A new website has helped Walsall Police to arrest seven of their "most wanted" suspects.

The online picture library has received over 26,000 hits since it was launched on April 19.

Walsall Police say that they have taken hundreds of calls, as members of the public come forward with possible sightings of suspects, addresses and suggested names of people caught on CCTV.

"We have had great success so far with the arrests of the majority of our suspects but urge the public to continue to support us as we work closely with our partners to continue targeting these individuals"

According to Walsall Police, there are three suspects outstanding.

Anthony Taylor, aged 22, Mathew Houghton aged 17, Shaun Layton aged 21 all wanted for burglary.

Walsall Police are urging the public to look at the website and help them catch the remaining suspects.

Matthew Houghton, 17, wanted for burglary Credit: Walsall Police
Shaun Layton, 21, wanted for burglary Credit: Walsall Police