NUT and Council to hold two day talks over school terms dispute

Two day talks on changes to school year Credit: ITV Central

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and Nottingham City Council have arranged two days of talks aimed at resolving their ongoing dispute over changes to the school year.

On its website, the NUT says the two sides will meet with the conciliation service, ACAS, on 30th and 31st May.

The union has already staged three one-day strikes over the council's plans to switch to a five-term year with a shorter summer holiday.

It suspended further action for talks to take place, but has warned that if there is no resolution there will be more stoppages in the summer after exams have finished.

The city council wants to shorten the summer break to prevent "learning loss" among pupils.

The NUT says there is no evidence to back up the council's case and claims the changes will cause chaos because Nottingham will be out of step with all other authorities.

Today is the final day of the city council's formal consultation with the unions over the term-time changes.