A second Osprey chick has hatched at Rutland Water

HD camera capturing first few moments of Osprey chicks life Credit: ITV Central

A second Osprey chick has hatched at Rutland Water.

High definition cameras placed near the nest caught the moment both chicks came into the world.

This is one of a few places in England that these rare birds make their home.

Until they started breeding here 18 years ago, Ospreys hadnt been seen in Britain for 150 years.

But thanks to the dedication of the Osprey team and volunteers from the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, these magnificent birds are returning to Rutland regularly.

The chicks will stay in the nest for around two months, getting regular helpings of fish from mum and dad, before migrating to West Africa.

Amazingly, they make the three thousand mile journey alone, using their own internal sat nav!

They wont return until they are at least 2 years old, and even then, not always to the same place.

You can see live images of the chicks in their Manton Bay nest by logging

onto Rutland Ospreys.