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Bid to rescue dying fish in Grantham Canal

A clean-up operation is underway at the Grantham Canal after hundreds of fish were found dead there. It is estimated that up to 500 fish died, with at least 1,500 struggling for oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide has been put into the water to generate oxygen Credit: ITV Central

A large quantity of oxygenated water was pumped into the canal yesterday Environment Agency staff have been working today to continue to to resolve the situation, putting several barrels of hydrogen peroxide into the water to generate oxygen.

Workers have started to remove dead fish from the canal Credit: ITV Central

Workers are also starting the clean-up operation, removing the remains of the hundreds of fish that have died.

Clean-up operation now underway at Grantham Canal Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds of dead fish can still be seen floating in the water at Grantham Canal where Environment Agency staff are working to oxygenate the water.

Dead fish in the Grantham Canal Credit: ITV Central