The days of knowing exactly how much a match ticket is going to cost you could soon be a thing of the past.

Derby County are to become the first football club in the country to offer 'demand based' pricing for match tickets at it's home league fixtures from the start of the 2012 - 2013 season.

The idea isn't totally new, you pay more for games with greater demand, ie a local derby with Nottingham Forest or Leicester City.

But the key difference is the prices can change daily.

And not just because a high profile visiting team is playing.

A whole host of variables could see a ticket go up or down in price.

The market conditions include team performance, day of the week, rivalries and even the weather.

However Derby point out that season ticket holders will continue to be rewarded for their loyalty, with the Club pledging that the best-priced tickets shall remain enshrined as part of their season ticket package.

And Derby have been given the support of the Football League to pioneer this development in England following similar and successful moves by a number of sports clubs across the major sports inNorth America.

In reality fans can expect some bargains to be had, no doubt there'll be knock down prices if heavy rain is forecast for a midweek clash with Burnley, but equally Rams followers will need to save hard if they are to secure tickets for a hot sunny Saturday match with Nottingham Forest.