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Mother found guilty of murder

Lianne Smith has been found guilty of murdering her two young children Photo: ITV

A mother has been found guilty of murdering her two young children and now faces more than 30 years in prison.

Lianne Smith from Wallsend and lived in Lichfield was found criminally responsible by a jury over the deaths of the youngsters in a Spanish hotel room in 2010.

Throughout the trial she has stayed virtually silent and emotionless as the last moments of her children's lives were retold.

Her confession played to the jury by a grainy video, taken by police hours after the incident occurred.

The jury watched Lianne confess on a grainy police video taken hours after the incident Credit: ITV

So I know it's not right to take a life, I felt I was in a corner,

– Lianne Smith

Doctors and psychiatrists tried to explain why a mother would kill her own children.

One said she did it out of love as she feared her children would be taken into care following the arrest of her partner Martin Smith who she pathologically dependent on.

The couple met in the north-east in 1992, they then moved to Carlisle with Lianne's two children from a previous relationship.

Rebecca (5) who was one of the children murdered by Lianne was born in 2005.

Rebecca Smith was born in 2005 Credit: ITV Central
Martin Smith Credit: ITV Central

In 2007 they fled to Spain after Martin Smith was questioned by police after a girl he had sexually abused for nine years reported him.

They moved to a quiet street in Barcelona.

A local restauranteur called Tao remembers Martin and Lianne Smith as regular customers at his restaurant:

Tao - a local business owner saw the family regularly in his restaurant Credit: ITV

Sometimes they would argue with each other and he would leave, it didn't look good, at least that was the impression I got."

– Tao - local restaurant owner, Spain

In May 2010 Martin Smith was arrested and extradited back to the UK, Lianne Smith's (45) defence team say this caused her to suffer a psychological disturbance.

Convinced English Social Services were following them, she took her baby son and daughter to the popular holiday resort of Lloret de Mar after three days as what she described as ' a perfect holiday, she smothered them with a plastic bag'.

She then spent the night with her children's bodies in the hotel room, before asking staff to call police and an ambulance.

The first policeman to arrive at the scene described Lianne as calm and normal as she opened the hotel room door and gestured towards the beds.

He said the sheets were drawn up so he pulled them back revealing the lifeless bodies of 11-month-old Daniel and 5-year-old Rebecca.

Other officers who came to the scene said they were shocked at how calm she was. One said she just sat in the corner, she didn't scream or cry.

Lianne Smith has been found guilty of murdering her two small children in Spain Credit: ITV

Police told Spanish courts that DNA tests on the bodies of the children revealed that Martin Smith was not the Father of either child.

The final twist in a disturbing story, despite all that has been said and all the reasons given, many will still struggle to understand how someone could decide to take the lives from those who trusted her and depended on her were really the only options she had left.

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