National Bell Ringing competition strikes in Derbyshire

The Olympiad of bell ringing contests is being held in Melbourne today Credit: PA

The Olympiad of bell ringing contests is being held in Derbyshire today.

It is the first time the final of the prestigious National 12 Bell Striking Competition will be held in Derbyshire.

The competition involves the art of 'change ringing', a set of tuned bells in a series of mathematical patterns called 'changes'.

The competition has been held annually since 1975 and is open to any tower where 12-bell ringing is practised regularly, the winners of the competition are awarded the 'Taylor Trophy'.

The favourites to win are the Birmingham team, who are frequent winners.

Five judges will be listening to the competitors tomorrow at the Melbourne Paris Church, this year they are using a new electronic gadget which enables the judges to be even more precise when choosing the winner.

The competition takes place between 11.30am and the winner is announced at 6.15pm tomorrow.

Other activities will be on offer at the competition tomorrow, including a treasure hunt and history tours.