Military compensation to be considered

Military compensation to be considered Credit: PA Pictures

The families of Midlands' soldiers killed in the Iraq war are back at the appeal court today where they are seeking the right to claim compensation for the deaths.

Corporal Stephen Allbutt from Stoke on Trent was killed in a friendly fire incident in March 2003. Private Philip Hewett from Tamworth was killed two years later when his snatch land rover was blown up.The families are arguing that the men were failed by the Ministry of Defence because they were not given the correct equipment and that therefore they have a right to claim redress.

They are appealing against an earlier court decision that said it was not for judges to determine the rights and wrongs of military decisions in war but instead a matter for military commanders and politicians. The case is expected to last 3 days .

Three Court of Appeal Judges - The Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, Lord Justice Moses and Lord Justice Rimer - are scheduled to hear arguments from lawyers representing relatives and the Ministry of Defence over the next few days.