1. ITV Report

Continuing unsettled. Brief respite on Sunday

More rain today. Beware localised flooding. Photo: Steve Adams

More showers are due today so we run the risk of localised flooding with rivers already swollen and sodden, saturated ground.

It will continue unsettled after today, but there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon; we might see a brief respite on Sunday and Monday as a ridge of high pressure desperately battles to build in. It will be very shortlived.

For the rest of today though, if you catch a shower it could be potent. There is a risk of heavier showers and localised downpours, especially further east. There may be some hail and thunder too.

Wet afternoon, some heavy showers, especially further east. Maybe hail and thunder. Credit: ITV Central

Today's showers should ease away during late evening and it will be dry overnight, with the risk of an odd mist patch here and there. Feeling cool in any clearer spells, but generally around 10c.

The rain is back tomorrow afternoon.