A celebration of life for Loughborough based showman Joe Weston-Webb will take place this afternoon.

His funeral will take place today, after he lost his battle to cancer last month, at the age of 74.

Known for his outdoor shows and organised stunts, Joe even appeared on a few episodes of TISWAS.

Joe had a passion for off-beat entertainment, and began hosting stunts and challenges.

His first outdoor show, named "The Greatest Show on Earth", featured an act where a man wrestled a crocodile underwater, a car jumping through the roof of a furniture lorry, and a flea circus.

As Joe began to earn money for his shows, he started to draw attention from the media.

Soon he was providing stunts and ideas for many TV and film adverts, and even appeared on TISWAS several times.

By the late seventies Joe's shows were a sell out, he staged a human canon shot across the River Avon, followed by the world's first Human Catapult.

Friends and relatives will remember Joe at a special service at Charnwood Golf Centre today.