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Gas first for Burton-on-Trent

Burton was chosen to pioneer change to North Sea Gas Photo: PA

2012 is the 200th anniversary of Britain's gas industry. It is also the 45th anniversary of a landmark date in the gas story that puts Burton-on-Trent at the centre of a revolution.

It was in 1967 that the town was chosen to pioneer the massive change to North Sea Gas to power our heaters, cookers and water. It was a huge undertaking to convert 30 million appliances nationwide to run on the new, safer system.

The gas industry had to pay for engineers to visit every house and business to supply new equipment. It was at this time that an odour was added to the new gas to make it easier to detect any leak, so thousands of lives could be saved.

The town's brewery industry was also the first business to benefit from conversion and a special event is being held at the National Brewery Centre this morning.

Check later for some wonderful archive footage and interviews with people involved in the conversion.