No-show by Usain Bolt

Jamaica's training session at the University of Birmingham Credit: ITV Central

There was sunshine, Jamaican athletes, expectant crowds. But this well oiled publicity machine had one thing missing. A bolt. A Usain Bolt. As the afternoon progressed it seemed ever more likely the star man wouldn't show - despite the insistence of team manager Ludlow Watts.

But the 25 minutes past without a glimpse of athletics biggest star and at a press conference after the open training session, questions soon turned to the no-show by the world's fastest man.

Don Quarrie, the Jamaican track and field team Technical manager, played down Bolt's absence.

The watching crowd were treated to seeing many of Bolt's team mates train. Many of them also spoke over loudspeaker, among them long jumper Damar Forbes: "We have the sun, we have had a wonderful welcome from the people, I am so happy to be here!"

When asked if he believed he could win a medal, his response? "Definately!"

So Bolt's team happy to show their delight at being based in the second city, and while their biggest star didn't shine in Birmingham today, he'll no doubt hope to let his Olympic performances do all the talking.

Training well under-way for Jamaica's Olympic athletes at the University of Birmingham Credit: ITV Central